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The contest exchange is RST and EPC member number or QSO serial for non-members.
EPC numbers are sent and received as 8-characters in the EPC01234  format.

GenLog finds your member number in the datafile at contest setup. If you do not enter a member number at initial startup, the logger is setup for serial numbers in the TX exchange field. At log file re-load, the logging screen is setup based on whether an EPC number is found in the log.

Enter the received member number as 8-characters as EPC01234 so GenLog and the contest sponsor can distinquish it from a serial number - a non-multiplier. Also, the sponsor`s Cross Checking software is based on the 8-character format.

Multipliers are the different EPC member numbers per band. Your own number is removed from the `To work` and `Worked` lists - and the full listing number count.

QSO points:
1 pt for QSO with a non-member.
5 pts for QSO with EPC member (based on EPC numbers logged).
Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers from all bands.

I use MixW in digital contests -

Cabrillo output: GenLog forces the mode to <RY> and the CATEGORY to <SOAB> per the contest sponsor.

Datafile required: [ epc_members.dat ].