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This contest is now QRT.

GenLog will log the contest and output the Cabrillo file for log submission. The score will be calculated by the contest sponsor.

The points file {anarts_volta.txt} replicates the points table from the sponsor`s web site, so the basic QSO points are calculated and saved to the log file. You can calculate your own score based on the current rules or let the sponsor score your log.

Digital contest - any DIG mode except CW (all written as RY in Cabrillo).
I use MixW in digital contests -

Exchange RST, UTC time of QSO and CQ Zone. The sent UTC time (displayed in your TX exchange) is the current time. The received UTC time is the right-hand field and is pre-filled with the same time. Change it if you receive a different time. Enter the zone the station transmits, not the look-up zone.

Set the PC clock accurately to a known time standard before the contest. Verify the UTC offset.

Datafiles required: [ cq_zones.dat ] & [ anarts_volta.txt ] for points.