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DXpedition Mode

This mode is used for general logging on any band, and does duping by band and mode.

Fast DXpedition entry mode - {Save after ...} is unchecked:
The QSO is saved immediately after <Entering> a Callsign. Dupe entries will display the {Dupe} notice and you would hit <Enter> and <Esc> as usual. If you really want to enter the dupe QSO, then check the {Save after ...} checkbox and re-enter the callsign. <Entering> L is the same as typing the last call.

Normal entry mode - with exchange input - {Save after ...} checkbox is checked:
If you want the logger to function in the usual manner - so you can edit the exchange from the default DXCC prefix to something else - then check the {Save after ...} checkbox. The default TX QTH written to the log file is your DXCC prefix, but you can change it in the TX exchange combo-box if you want something else saved. The 59(9) reports can be changed too.

Either mode:
The checkbox selection is not saved to the Ini file.

If you import ADIF files into a QSLing application post DXpedition, the ADIF files from several different computers can be merged using copy paste in NOTEPAD.