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TARA Skirmish

Digital modes contest. Use separate entries for each mode (see * below).

Exchange is Name and WPX callsign prefix (AA1, W3, KA4, P40, SM2). A suggested prefix is displayed after callsign entry, but enter what the station transmits, since it is what you are QSLing.

Work a station only once per band.
Each different prefix worked is 1 multiplier - once per log.

1 point per QSO.
Score = Total # QSOs  x  Multipliers  x  Power multiplier.
Click {Multi/Bonus} and enter your multiplier. Re-load the file to update the score.

QRP = x3, Great = x2, Low = x1. Legal Limit = your score is half of what GenLog displays with no power multiplier.

* To use more than one mode, start a new log for each mode, then click between the log files when changing modes. You must enter at least one QSO to have a log file available for re-load. Note: only 1 multiplier/bonus value is saved.