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7QP - 7th Call Area QSO Party

Note: StateCounty means your 2 letter state abbreviation followed by the 3 letter county abbreviation. See the file {7qp_co.txt} for spelling. This exchange is transmitted and logged as one field.

7th Call Area stations (AZ, ID, MO, NV, OR, UT, WA and WY) work everyone and send RST and your 5-letter StateCounty (ex: ORDES). Multipliers are the 50 states, 13 VE provinces and 10 other DXCC entities - per log. Counties are not multipliers.

When a 7QP station works another 7QP station, GenLog skips the 5-character exchange for multiplier count. The contest sponsor counts states as multipliers - as does my Cabrillo Evaluator software -

The received exchange will either be a 5-letter 7QP StateCounty or a 2-letter non-7QP state/province. DX is taken from the prefix.

7QP stations can select `States` `St/Prov` and `Prov` from the combo-box to show States, States & RAC Provinces and RAC Provinces {Worked} and {To work}. 

Others work the 7QP stations only and send RST and State/Province. Multipliers are the 259 counties per log. The received exchange is a 5-letter StateCounty abbreviation. The abbreviations are listed in the datafile [7qp_co.txt]. 

1. GenLog does not check the spelling of QSO exchange information that you enter !  {Worked} + {To Work} should be 259. If not, an entry is probably mispelled.
2. GenLog will not edit/re-number the #new mults column when the log editor is used. Use NotePad to manually edit this column if necessary - this only affects the claimed score anyway - the sponsor will score your Cabrillo properly.
3. To get around the duping problem with mobiles, enter call/county - then remove /county before writing the Cabrillo.

QSO points: PH=2 points, CW=3 points. Score = QSO points  X  Multipliers.

Your state (entered in the setup field) is the key that tells GenLog what end of the QSO you are operating from.

Datafiles required: [ all_coun.dat ]  [ 7qp_co.txt ].
Datafiles used by 7QP stations for tracking: [ States.dat ] [ StateProv.dat ] and [ RACProvinces.dat ].