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Idaho QSO Party

ID stations work everyone and send RST and county.
Multipliers are US states + DXCC countries, per mode (CW, PH and Digital).

States and Provinces are 2 characters only. Entering an exchange >2 characters, GenLog assumes it is an Idaho county and skips the multiplier check function.

When Idaho stations work your own state, you can edit the log file to have GenLog count Idaho as a multiplier, since counties are not counted.

Others work Idaho only and send RST and State/Province/DXCC.
Multipliers are the 44 Idaho counties, per mode (CW, PH and Digital).

QSO points - regardless of bands:
PH = 1 point.
CW and Digital (RTTY/PSK) = 2 points.
Work stations on all 3 modes (CW, PH and Digital).

Score = QSO points  X  mults.

County abbreviations are normally the first three letters of the county. Check the list for exceptions.
Datafiles required: