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All Austrian 160m Contest

CW on 160-meters.

OE stations send RST, QSO serial # and 2 letter District code. 
Non-OE stations send RST and serial #. 

When working a non-OE station, the DXCC prefix is inserted in the {SN/Mult} field. Hit <Enter> or <Space> to continue to the {Serial} field.

When working OE stations, enter the Serial # and District all in 1 field entry (no slash - this allows the serial to be entered as 1, 01 or 001).

GenLog will separate the QSO # from the Austrian District multiplier. See more on multiple fields input.

You will notice that the serial# exchange cannot be entered before the callsign, as GenLog uses the callsign to setup the serial# exchange field format.

Multipliers for everyone are the 102 Districts and DXCC countries.

All QSOs = 1 point.
Score = QSO points  X  the total multipliers. 

Datafiles required: