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New Mexico QSO Party

New Mexico stations work everyone and send Name and county. Multipliers are the 33 counties, 50 states, 13 VE provinces and DXCC countries (not USA, KL7 or KH6). See below to have the score reflect the state of NM as a multiplier when you work a NM station.

Others work New Mexico stations only and send Name and state/province/DXCC. Multipliers are the 33 New Mexico counties.

QSO points: PH = 1, CW and Digital = 2. All non-CW QSOs are considered as Digital in GenLog. Digital QSOs are RY in Cabrillo. Work stations on the 3 modes per band.

Power multiplier:
Q=QRP (5W output or less) X 5.
A=LOW (more than 5W to 150W output) X 2.
B=HIGH (more than 150W output) X 1.

Score = (QSO points  X  multipliers  X  power mult) + bonus points. Use the bonus form to enter your power multiplier and mobile bonus points. Re-load the log to update the score.

Check the county abbreviations (normally first 3 characters).
Datafiles required: [ all_count.dat ] & [ counties.txt ].
For NM stations: [ NM-SD-States-13Prov.dat ] & [ NM-SD-13Provinces.dat ].

Home state scored as a multiplier:
Use the menu {File} {Display log/data files} menu and open your log in NotePad. Add a `new mult` identifier to one of the QSOs that is not a new multiplier.

Change a QSO from this:
N5ZGT    LUN  BRIAN       BER            2
to this:
N5ZGT    LUN  BRIAN       BER    5      2
Re-save the log and re-load it to update the score.

This procedure works because the normal log editor is disabled - therefore the re-numbering of `new mults` is not being done when you edit the log. See how to score the `home state` in other QSO parties.