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Worked All Europe DX Contest

QSOs can only be conducted between a European and a non-European station (except RTTY).
All stations send signal report and QSO serial number. Work a station once per band.

Non-European stations: WAE countries per band.
European stations: non-European DXCC countries per band, plus call areas for selected countries (see rules). 

Click the [ Multi/Bonus ] button to enter the total bonus multiplier (sum of all bands). Then re-load the log file to update the score. 

Score = Total multipliers  X  sum of weighted bonus multiplier  X  total QSOs.

This contest has limited capability !
  • GenLog does not support QTC - complicated to code.
  • Off-time not supported, review and follow contest rules.
  • RTTY mode not treated different than CW or PH.
  • Multipliers are probably not counted correctly, which only affects the score reported by GenLog. Check the WAE list [ wae_list.txt ] post contest and edit your log in NOTEPAD.
  • Your score will be calculated by the contest sponsor using the STF file that you submit.