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FOC Marathon

This CW activity is for First Class CW Operators Club members only.

Exchange is RST and FOC member number. Your member number is read from the members data file and inserted in the TX exchange field (edit this otherwise).

QSO points:
1 point per QSO. GenLog only scores the 1 point per QSO.

Each new DXCC country is 2 additional points.
Each new continent worked is 5 additional points.
Same station worked on 5 bands is 10 additional points.
Same station worked on 6 bands is 15 additional points. (i.e. the sixth band means +5 points).

Log submission is the Cabrillo file - your score is calculated by the sponsor. 

To keep track of your score, add up the additional points and enter the number into the {Mults/Bonus} setup form. Re-load the log file to update the score.

Datafile required: [ foc_mems.dat ].