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CQ-M International DX Contest

All stations send RST and QSO#. Stations may be worked on any mode, but only one time.

Multipliers are R-150-S countries plus DXCC countries counted. GenLog looks in the [R150S_mults.dat] file first when looking up multipliers.

QSO points:
Within your own DXCC country = 1.
With different DXCC country, same continent = 2.
With different continent = 3.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Datafile required: [ R150S_mults.dat ]. 

GenLog normally uses Russian DXCC prefixes like UA, UA2, UA9 etc as multiplier identifiers. For multipliers found in the [ R150S_mults.dat ] file, the identifiers are:
21 Russian Federation Republics = RF01 thru RF21
7 Russian Islands = RI01 thru RI07
Crimea Autonomic Republic = CAR
4U1VIC Vienna UN HQ = 4U1V