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ARI Contest delle Sezioni

Only QSOs between Italian OMs are allowed.
Bands: 10 - 160m (10 - 80 in RTTY), no WARC.
Work stations on PH, CW and RTTY (3 QSOs per band, except 160m - 2 QSOs). 

Exchange: every OM will send RST + 4 digit code of his club. 

QSO points:
160m & 80m = 2pts. 40m = 1 pt. 20m = 3 pts. 15m & 10m = 5 pts. 

Multipliers are different 4-digit Club Codes per band and mode. A total of 17 multipliers are available for each different 4-digit code.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers from all bands and modes.

Since the list of codes will change in the future, GenLog does not check that valid codes are entered. However, after a 4-digit code is entered, if that code is found in the {sezioni.txt} file, GenLog will display the club name in the yellow contest name label.

Your code goes in the {Sec/Prov} field of the setup screen, or you can edit the TX Exchange field in the logging screen, or your code will be taken from a re-loaded log and inserted in the TX Exchange field.

Datafile required: [ sezioni.txt ]. GenLog uses this club code file when generating a Cabrillo file. The latest list is available on the ARI web site. Rename the file to {sezioni.txt} if required. Users may elect to use the master callsign search by turning on the Search File option in the View menu.