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Exchange RST, serial numbers and UTC time of QSO. The sent UTC time (displayed in your TX exchange) is the current time. The received UTC time is the right-hand field and is pre-filled with the same time. After you enter a callsign, you can change it if you receive a different time. 

Since the pre-filled UTC time fields may cause UTC times in your log that are incorrect, consider setting GenLog for post contest log entry while using your RTTY software in this contest, so you can enter the correct sent and received UTC times. The other stations`s PC clock may be set to a different time, and there may be a timing delay from when your RTTY software sends the QSO info to when you enter the QSO into GenLog.

Multipliers on each band are DXCC countries, plus each call area of W(0-9), VE(0-9), JA(0-9) and VK(0-9). The first W, VE, JA and VK count as two multipliers, one for the DXCC country and one for the call area, on each band. The software counts the first W, VE, JA and VK multiplier as a double mult.

QSO points: 1 point.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers  X  Continents.

Click the [ Multi/Bonus ] button to input the number of continents worked. Re-load the log file to update the score.