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Great Colorado Snowshoe Run

Colorado QRP Club Contest. 40m CW. Anyone can work this contest. QRP can work QRO. However, 5W maximum power to submit a log.

CQC Members:
Exchange RST, State/Prov/DXCC Country, Antenna Class and CQC member #.
Ex: 549 CO W NR154.

Exchange RST, State/Prov/DXCC Country, Antenna Class and power level.
Ex: 559 VA V 5W. Transmitting your power as #W will alert the receiving station that you are a non-member.

Your CQC# comes from the member`s datafile [ cqc_mems.dat ]. Edit the Antenna Class and CQC# / power level TX exchange fields before logging, as necessary.

Antenna Classes:
W - wires, dipoles, inverted Vees, etc.
V - verticals and vertically polarized omni-antennas.
B - beams, rhombics and multi-element arrays.
Please note that the Class input field is squeezed in next to the S/PC field.

Work a station up to 3 times per contest, minimum of 30 minutes between QSOs.
Note: GenLog does not track this.

QSO points:
3 points per QSO - first time.
2 points for second QSO with same station.
1 point for third QSO with same station.
Note: GenLog does not track of this either.
Change the QSO points field before you accept the QSO into the log, or edit the log post contest.

Multipliers are S/P/Cs and the number of CQC members worked. If GenLog finds the callsign in the member`s datafile, the CQC #s are indicated in the LOG as cqc#, so they can be counted as multipliers. An entry without the `cqc` is a power level. Ex:
40m CW  12/12/04  1911  KC0OFK 599  PA     599   CO   mult    3  cqc727 W
40m CW  12/12/04  1914  N0WA     599  PA     599   IA     mult    3  cqc648 B
40m CW  12/12/04  1916  P40V     599  PA     599   P4    mult    3  5W V

Total points = QSO points  X  multipliers.

Datafile required: [ cqc_mems.dat ].