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FISTS Coast to Coast - CW

Anyone can work this contest. Note: Only QSOs with FISTS Clubs count for multipliers and QSO points. See ** Log edit below. This is a limited activity contest - no incentive to work anyone except the FISTS Clubs.

FISTS members/Clubs send RST, Name, State/DXCC and FISTS member number.

Non-FISTS send RST, Name, State/DXCC and power output.
A `5W` default is set in the TX Exchange field. Edit this before you start logging.

Name field limited to 10 characters. Received DXCC comes from the prefix. Due to the number of exchanges, the rcvd RST is misplaced - it uses the serial # input box. After entering a callsign, the cursor does go to the RST field next.

Multipliers: 1 for each new Club worked (total can`t exceed the # of Clubs on the air).
QSO points: 1 point for each Club QSO worked.
Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Datafiles used: [ states.dat ] & [ fistsmem.dat ].
Always enter what the other station transmits.

** Log edit:
GenLog does the multiplier check and sets the QSO points to 1 if the callsign <Entered> is a club, as indicated by the 8th character of the [ fistsmem.dat ] file. During the contest, keep track of Clubs not found in the datafile and edit your logfile post contest - in NOTEPAD if necessary. All GenLog files are <Space> delimited - use <Spaces> not Tabs between columns. Re-load the file for the corrected score.

Example shows mults and pts for Club QSOs only. mults pts
40m   CW  12/15/04  1620  W3KJ PA   JOE  PA      599  0 100W 559
40m   CW  12/15/04  1626  K0AAA PA   ZED  MN  1   599  1 9900 559
40m   CW  12/15/04  1627  W8PIG PA   DAN  OH 2   599 1 7373 559
40m   CW  12/15/04  1629  W0VT PA   LEE  TX     599 0 10717 549
80m   CW  12/15/04  1633  W8PIG PA   DAN  OH     599 1 7373 559
Score: 2  X  3  = 6

Log submission:
When you write the Cabrillo file, enter your FISTS member number.