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Wake-Up! QRP Sprint

40m and 20m CW, 5W maximum.

Exchange RST, serial number and suffix of previous station worked (`QRP` for 1st QSO).

QSO points: 1 point per kilometer distance between stations (not calculated by GenLog). Since you do not exchange WW Locators, the contest sponsor will calculate your score.

Note to the contest sponsor: exchanging a 6-digit WWL instead of the previous suffix will allow the score to be calculated directly by the logging software.

Multipliers: 1 for each correspondent on each band. Since you get a multiplier for each new callsign per band, each QSO is a multiplier (max 2 per station).

Post contest: Write the ASCII log file { urCall.log } and print it out (it prints per band). Write the summary file { urCall.sum } and edit the header per the rules requirements. Put your 6-digit WWL in the summary header so the sponsor can calculate your score. Print the summary file. 

Note: If you copy NOTEPAD.exe from your Windows folder to the GenLog32 folder, NOTEPAD will open the above files for edit and printout.