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World QRP Federation QRP Party

Members of QRP Clubs:
Exchange RST, Name of QRP club (6 characters maximum) and member number or power level (ex: 5W).

Non-members of QRP Clubs:
Exchange RST, Country (DXCC prefix) and power level (ex: 5W).

Default values `QRP` and `5W` are used for the TX Exchanges. Edit your TX Exchange fields before you start logging (ex: NJQRP and 5W or DL and 5W).

QSO points: 1 point for QSO with same continent and 3 points for different continent.

A station may be worked on the 3 modes (CW, PH and Digital) and on each band. All digital QSOs are shown as RY in Cabrillo - for duping purposes.

Multipliers: 1 multiplier for each QRP club on each band. GenLog looks in the file { ruqrp.dat } for the callsign. If found, the `Club` and `Num` fields are filled with the data. Change these if the operator gives you other data.

If the DXCC prefix is changed to anything else (a club for example), then a multiplier will be counted. You may need to edit the log file in NOTEPAD post contest to identify the club multipliers. Check the spelling of this field - RUQRP and RUSQRP are the same club, but might be counted as 2 multipliers.

Your score = total QSO points  X  total Multipliers.

Log submission:
Write the log file { urCall.log } and cover sheet/summary file { urCall.sum }, then edit the headers in NOTEPAD per the rules requirements. If the sponsor takes a Cabrillo for log submissions, select Log Write More Files Menu to go to the secondary file write screen to write the Cabrillo. 

Datafile for lookup: [ ruqrp.dat ].
Other Club datafile for abbreviations: [ WQF_Clubs.dat ].