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South Carolina QSO Party

SC stations: Work everyone and send RST and SC county.

Multipliers for SC stations are 50 states plus DC per band and mode, plus 13 Canadian Provinces per band and mode. Work DX for QSO points only.

When SC stations work your own state, you can edit the log file to have GenLog count SC as a multiplier, since counties are not counted. Even if you do not do this, the sponsor will count the state of SC when they score your log.

Others: Work only SC stations and send RST and state/province/"DX".

Multipliers for non-SC stations are the 46 SC counties per band and mode.

There are 2 modes for duping and scoring: PH and CW.
CW, RTTY and PSK are considered 1 mode.
Log all non-PH QSOs as CW for duping and scoring to be correct.

Points: PH = 1, CW/RTTY/PSK  = 2.
Work stations on the 2 modes per band - PH and CW.
Score = Total points  X  total mults. GenLog doesn`t score mobiles.

County abbreviations are 4 characters, except LEE. Check the data file. The counties `Worked` and `To Work` function should equal 46, otherwise check your county abbreviations.

If you use RTY and PSK in your log, your claimed score will be incorrect.
All CW, RTTY and PSK QSOs are converted to CW in the Cabrillo log.

Datafiles required: [all_count.dat] and [counties.txt].

SC QP rules at: