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Kids Roundup

Phone only. Kids work everyone. Others work only kids.

Besides the callsign, stations send their QTH (State/VE Province/DXCC), Category and Name.

Your category is entered into the Power/Class field of the setup screen.
W/VE stations: GenLog uses the State/prov field of the setup screen for your QTH.
DX stations: GenLog uses your prefix from the DXCC prefix field for the QTH.
M/O stations: The operator`s name can be changed in the TX exchange name field while logging. When you re-load a logfile, the last operator`s name is taken from the log.

Multipliers are 50 States, 12 VE Provinces and DXCC countries.

QSO points:
1 point for QSO with O category.
2 points for QSO with Y category.
10 points for QSO with C, L, M and U categories.
25 points for QSO with station KI3DS.

Work a station once per band.
`M` category stations may work stations more than once per band, providing the QSO is worked by a different operator. 

Score = QSO points  X  multipliers.

Datafile required: [ statesk.dat ].

I know that the order of QSO inputs is not quite right, sorry. Please use the <TAB> key to move between fields. You may enter the QSO information in any order, at any time. Remember that only <Enter> and <Space> will input the data, <TAB> does not.