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SSB-PH and Single-Op only.
Everyone sends RS, State/Prov/DX and OMISS # (if member). Edit your OMISS # in the TX Exchange field before logging if necessary.

Multipliers are 50 states + 12 VE provinces + 1 DX. DX tagged as *prefix in the log.
QSO points:
2 points for working an OMISS member.
1 point for working a non-member.
GenLog assumes a number input to be an OMISS member and scores the QSO accordingly. Hit <Enter> to skip the number input for non-members.

If the callsign <Entered> appears in the {omiss_m.txt} datafile, the state or province is inserted in the exchange field. Simply over-type it if the station sends something different.

Score = Total points  X  mults  X  power mult. Just multiply the score in GenLog by your power multiplier, 2 or 3.

Datafile required: omiss_m.txt  &  statesk.dat

County and Grid hunters:
There are more than 7800 entries in the {omiss_m.txt} file. When you work a station, you might be working a new U.S. county or a new grid square. Exchange the county and grid square with that station to make it a legal QSO for county or grid hunting. When you work a station that gives you an OMISS #, the `Save to text file` option is activated. Click this label to write the last QSO in the log to a text file. If that station`s callsign appears in the {omiss_m.txt} file, the state, county and grid square are saved when you click the `Save to text file` label. The filename is the same name as your contest file {contestfilename.log}, but with a .txt extension {contestfilename.txt}. 

Options to put the OMISS Qs in a County Hunting or General log:
1) Write an ADIF file from the text file written above. Use the Log Write More File Menu Write OMISS text file to ADIF menu - then select the {contestfilename.txt} file from the files dialog list. Load your County Hunting or General log. Use the Log Import ADIF file menu and select the ADIF file to be imported {contestfilename.adi}. Re-load the County Hunting or General log to see the additional QSOs.

2) While operating in the OMISS QP, you can enter the QSO directly into the County Hunting or General log, since GenLog lets you operate multiple contests at the same time.

3) Use the Post contest mode and enter selected QSOs (from the above contestfilename.txt file) into your County Hunting or General log. Re-load the log to see the results.