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Anatolian 160m RTTY Contest

Work 45 baud RTTY on 160m. Exchange RST and serial numbers.

Multipliers are DXCC countries, plus each call area of W(0-9), VE(0-9), JA(0-9), TA(0-9) and VK(0-9). The first W, VE, JA, TA and VK QSO worked counts as two multipliers, one for the DXCC country and one for the call area. The software does count the first W, VE, JA, VK, and TA multiplier as a double mult.

QSO points:
QSO with own country = 5 pts.
With other countries in own continent = 10 pts.
With other continents = 15 pts.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.