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CW only on 80m thru 10m, no WARC or 160m.

All stations send RST and CQ zone. Work stations once per band.

Multipliers are different CQ zones and DXCC countries. Please check the GACW multiplier lists.

QSO points:
Non-SA stations working SA = 5 points.
Working stations in different continents = 3.
Working stations in same continent, but different country = 1.
Stations in same country = 0, multipliers only.

Score = QSO points  X  multipliers.

Log submission:
Submit a Cabrillo log and the summary file. The logfile is written using the Log Write  Log... menu and is named [urCall.log]. The summary file menu is under the Log Write More Files Menu menu, then use Write Summary to write the file - which is named [urCall.sum].