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CW contest is now for all stations.

All stations send RST and Continent; ex: 599 EU. 
CWJF members add M; ex: 599 SAM.
QRP stations add Q (even if member); ex: 599 NAQ.
YL stations add Y (even if member or QRP); ex: 599 OCY.

Edit your TX exchange as necessary before logging. When you re-load a log file, this field is filled from your log data.

QSO points:
With own country = 1 point on any band.
Same continent,  other country: 10,15 and 20m = 2 points. 40 and 80m = 4 points.
Other country: 10,15 and 20m = 3 points. 40 and 80m = 6 points.
QSOs with CWJF members, QRP stations and YL operators score 10 points.

WPX prefixes per band. 
DXCC countries per log. 

Score = QSO pts  X  total multipliers from all bands.