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WPX multipliers

Example prefixes: N8, W8, WD8, HG1, HG19, KC2, OE2, OE25. Any difference in the numbering, lettering, or order of same shall constitute a separate prefix. 

Station operating in different country example: 
N8BJQ operating from Wake Island would sign N8BJQ/KH9 or N8BJQ/NH9. The prefix would be KH9 or NH9. KH6XXX operating from Ohio must use the U.S. 8th district (W8, K8) prefix. 

Portable callsigns with numbers: K1TEO/8 - the prefix would be K8.

Portable designators without numbers will be assigned a zero () after the second letter of the portable designator to form the prefix. 
Example: N8BJQ/PA would become PA. 

All calls without numbers will be assigned a zero () after the first two letters to form the prefix. Example: XEFTJW would count as XE.

Note: Slashed zeros are never using in log files - they are used here for clarity.

/MM, /M, /A, /E, /J, /P, or interim license class identifiers do not count as prefixes.

Contests using WPX prefix multipliers:
All Asian Contest
Asia-Pacific Sprint Contest
CQ WPX Contest
CWJF Contest
Low Power Spring Sprint
Oceania DX Contest
OK/OM DX Contest
TARA Skirmish