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Initial Setup

It is important that you fill in the setup screen. Rather than having configuration files for each contest, I chose to make it automatic using a setup screen. This is especially useful when working multiple contests at the same time, which you can do with GenLog. After starting each contest (which means you have to enter at least one QSO to initialize the log), you can go between contests by just clicking the log file for that contest. I don`t believe this is possible with any other logger.

Your call sign, section, county etc. are used to fill in the TX exchanges in your log file. The DXCC prefix, Sec/Prov, ITU zone etc. are used to tell GenLog how to score different contests and how to setup the logging window. Sent and received information may be different in QTH specific contests, so these fields tell GenLog what end of the QSO you are operating from. GenLog supports all contests from either end of the QSO.

Make sure the correct TX Exchange information is displayed in the `TX Exch` combo-box. ie: your section, province, area code, department number etc. In the logging screen, you may enter or edit the information in the pull-down combo boxes if necessary, so the correct information appears in your log file. Or exit the logger and change it in the appropriate field in the set-up screen.

Do not enter your callsign with a slash into the setup screen. Using the slash will cause an error when writing files - (W3KM/4.LOG) is an illegal filename in Windows. Use W3KM_4 or W3KM-4 instead. As necessary, edit your callsign in the your log submission - post contest, using the `Find & Replace` function of a text editor. You cannot use CW/Digital macros to send <your call>. Use an F-key instead.

It is important that you set your PC`s clock before logging. Although the UTC is automatic, make sure the UTC time offset is correct - in the setup screen. Set the date and pc clock referenced to WWV or CHU before a contest by right mouse clicking the clock in the pc desktop toolbar below. 

See for the correct NIST UTC time. Hit your browser`s `Refresh` button or {F5} to update the time.

Note: The file [ dxcc_pre.dat ] is used to calculate the score and multipliers for most contests. It is also used to lookup DXCC prefixes, ITU zones and continents. This file must reside in the logging folder for contests and functions to work properly.

Other datafiles used to display the list of sections, counties, departments etc and the {Worked} and {To Work} lists are: [all_coun.dat ] and [ counties.dat ]. The datafiles used by each contest are noted at the bottom of each contest`s mini-rules that are contained in this HELP file.

Other datafiles are used to find information (name, member number) about the station being worked. For example, GenLog will show you the name and/or member number in many contests that have these fields as part of the exchange. If you want to copy the transmitted exchange and do not want to use the datafile, move the file to another folder. GenLog will just bypass the search function when the file is not found - this does not cause an error.

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