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Elecraft QSO Party

CW SSB and Digital (PSK and RTTY) on 160m thru 10m - no WARC bands.

Elecraft users send RST, S/P/C and serial # (ex: 59 CA 23000). The serial number is the rig model (K3=3, K2=2, K1=1, KX1=0) followed immediately by the rig`s serial number. For example: 23000 is a K2 with serial # 3000.
Others send RST, State/Province/Country and power output (ex: 599 OH 10W). Enter the `W` for watts if not a serial number as GenLog uses this to calculate the QSO points. DX country comes from callsign.
A dummy serial number is placed in the TX exchange field {23000}, edit this before making contacts. If you are an Elecraft user and change rigs, change the model # and serial number. If you aren`t using an Elecraft radio and change your power output, edit the TX field. This information is saved to the ASCII and Cabrillo log files. When you re-load your log, the number of the last radio used is loaded into the serial field.

S/P/C per 3 modes and per 6 bands (count a mult 18 times total).

Work stations on 3 modes per band: CW, SSB and DIG. No cross-mode QSOs.

QSO points:
QSO points come from the received number/power - Use the `W` in the power field. GenLog keys on numbers and letters to calculate the Q points.
Received Elecraft serial number: 5 points.
Received power level (W): 3 points.

Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers  X  power multiplier (from table below).

CW/Digital modes: SSB:
0 - <250mW = x15 0 - 500mW = x15
250mW - <1W = x10 500mW - <2W = x10
1W - 5W = x7 2W - 10W = x7
>5W = x1 >10W = x1
Power multiplier value is entered in the Bonus/Mults setup. Re-load the log to update the score. Use the multiplier value of the highest power level used during the contest.

Check out the contest sponsor`s web page and contest rules for submission. Write the log file [urCall.log] and the summary file [urCall.sum] using the Log menu. Edit or add data to these files before submitting them.

Datafile required: [ statespl.dat ].