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Quebec QSO Party

Quebec stations work everyone and send RST and your Quebec region.
Multipliers are Quebec regions, Provinces, States, DXCC counties and Quebec Maritime mobile ITU zones per band and mode. For the correct info to show up in your log, put `QC` in the {State/Prov} field and your region in the {Sec/Prov} field. When you re-load a log file, your region will load from the log file.

Others work only Quebec stations and send RST and Province, State or DXCC country.
Multipliers are Quebec regions and Quebec MM ITU zones per band and mode.

Work stations on PH and CW/digital modes per band.
Score 1 point for each PH QSO and 2 points for each CW/digital QSO.
Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Datafiles required: