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Low Power Spring Sprint

160-10m CW. Single-Op only.
The exchange is RST, 4-digit IARU locator (grid square) and power category. Change your power category in the TX exchange field before logging.

Power categories are:
A - 1W
C - 5W
Q - 25W
X - 50W
Y - 100W

Multipliers per band:
4-digit grid locators and prefixes according to WPX rules. Band mults shown are only locator mults. The total mults including WPX prefixes are shown in the totals field. Write the summary to see all the bands.

3 points per QSO with own continent.
9 points per QSO with other continent.
18 points per QSO with OM (Slovak Republic) station.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers from all bands.

Mail printed logs (per band) and summary to sponsor.

Map datafiles required are here.