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New York QSO Party

NY stations work everyone and send RST and 3 character county abbreviation.
Multipliers are 62 New York counties +  50 US states + 9 VE Provinces (see below).  DX worked for QSO points only and indicated as `DX` in the log.

Mobiles: Change your TX county in the logger when you log QSOs in a different county. You can do this without exiting the logger.

Others work New York stations only and send RST and 2 character state/province or `DX`.
Multipliers are 62 New York counties.

QSO points: PH = 1  CW = 2   Digital = 3 
Work stations on 3 modes PH, CW and Digital (all digital except CW are this one mode). All digital QSOs must be mode RY in the Cabrillo. Work county line stations as separate QSOs.

Score = total QSO points  X  mults.

County abbreviations are normally the first three letters of the county - except a few. Print them before the contest.


9 - RAC mults
AB Alberta
BC British Columbia
MB Manitoba
MR Maritime (NB, NL, NS, PE)
NL Newfoundland/Labrador
NT Yukon/Northwest Territory (NT, NU, YT)
ON Ontario
QC Quebec
SK Saskatchewan