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QRP ARCI Newcomer`s Run - CW

See another ARCI contest.

Exchange the word `NEW` or `ELMER` plus State/Prov/DXCC and QRP ARCI member number (or power level for non-member). Enter/change your member number in the TX Exchange field.

Use the `W` or `MW` indicators when entering power levels (55MW, 5W etc.) to distinquish it from a member number. 

Mults are 50 states, Canadian provinces and DXCC countries per band. 

QSO points:
Newcomer to Newcomer - different continent = 20 points.
Newcomer to Newcomer - same continent = 15 points.
Elmer to Newcomer - different continent = 10 points.
Elmer to Newcomer - same continent = 5 points.
Elmer to Elmer = 1 point.
Be aware that you need to <Enter> both the callsign and the class before GenLog can accurately set the points per QSO, since both the continent and the Class are required. Enter the Class first, then the callsign. Or - you can always edit the points post contest.
Enter A,B,C,D or E in the setup screen Power/Class, which is 55mW - <250mW, 0.25-1W, 1-5W, >5W and <55mW respectively.

Log submissions:
  • Please make sure your power level code (A thru E) is the last character of the CATEGORY: tag.
  • Use W or MW for power level exchanges, others are assumed to be member numbers.

    Click the [ Multi/Bonus ] button to input your power multiplier. Power levels A,B,C,D and E are equivalent to multipliers of X15, X10, X7, X1 and X20 respectively. Re-load the log file to update the score. Why the non-order ? The <55mW level was added later by the sponsor.

    After writing your summary file (urCall.sum), edit the header to include the power level if necessary. Edit the score and add text to include any bonus points incurred.

    Datafile required: [ statesp.dat ].