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FISTS Sprints - CW

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Sprints.

FISTS members send RST, Name, State/Prov/DXCC and FISTS member number.
Ex: 599, STAN, VA, 2934  or  599, RALPH, ZL, 1073.

Non-members send RST, Name, State/Prov/DXCC and power output.
Ex: 599, FRED, PA, 5W  or  599, YURI, UA, 100W.
A `5W` default is set in the TX Exchange. Edit this before you start logging.

Name field limited to 10 characters. The DXCC country comes from the prefix. Due to the limited input fields in GenLog, the rcvd RST is misplaced - it uses the serial # input box. After entering a callsign, the cursor does go to the RST field next.

DXCC countries, 48 US states and 12 Canadian provinces, once per log. Check spelling of multiplier abbreviations in the [statesr.dat] file. The {Worked} and {To Work} function is for State and Province multipliers only.

QSO points:
5 points per QSO with FISTS member.
2 points per QSO with non-member.
The points are defaulted to 2. Click the 5 point {check-box} if you know you are working a FISTS member, because GenLog may not know.

Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Log submission:
Write the Cabrillo file and enter your FISTS member number.

Datafiles used: [ statesr.dat ] & [ fistsmem.dat ].
Always enter what the other station transmits.