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Scottish-Russian Marathon

All stations work anyone and send RST. Repeated contacts with the same station on other bands 160m - 10m is permitted. 

Scottish stations also send their CAOSA Reference number (area).
Russian stations also send their RDA Reference number (district).
Your DXCC prefix entered in the setup screen configures the logger for Scottish or Russian stations. Your Reference number must be displayed in the `TX Exch` combo-box. GenLog recognizes GM and UA as the default prefixes for Scottish and Russian stations. After a log is re-loaded, the `TX Exch` field is loaded from the log file.

Reference numbers are entered into the logger without the separator dash; TV38, not TV-38. This also applies to the [Sec/Prov] field entry in the setup screen and the `TX Exch` combo-box in the logging screen.

When working a non-Scottish or non-Russian station, just hit <Enter> to skip the `Ref #` input, since only an RST is being received. Anything in that field by mistake will be treated as a multiplier, which would be an error. Enter `DL` to delete the QSO, then Enter `L` for last callsign, then continue.

QSO Points:
With any station - 1 point.
With SRARS member - 5 points.
With SRARS club station - 10 points.
With Special events stations - 20 points.
The datafile [ srarsmem.dat ] is used to set the points. Members are displayed in the yellow {Contest label}.

Multipliers: Each different CAOSA (32) and RDA (2270) Reference number on each band.

Total score  = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Datafile required: