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Mid-Atlantic QSO Party

Contest is QRT as of 2007.

Mid-Atlantic stations are:
Delaware, Maryland-DC, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Your state or province, entered in the {State/Prov field} of the set-up screen, tells GenLog which end of the QSO you are operating from and where. DX stations enter `DX` in the {State/Prov field}.

M-A stations work everyone and send QSO serial number plus a 5-character QTH group consisting of a 3-letter county and a 2-letter state. Virginia also has 39 additional areas added which are identified with X in the abbreviation (NNXVA Newport News). Make sure your county abbreviation followed by your state abbreviation (BUXPA) shows in the `TX Exch` field of the logging screen. Multipliers are U.S. states, Canadian Provinces/Territories, each county within the Mid-Atlantic states and 1 DX country.

Non M-A stations work only Mid-Atlantic stations and send QSO serial number plus QTH. US stations send their 2-letter state QTH. Canadian stations send their 2 or 3-letter province or territory QTH. Non M-A stations must have their state (OH) or province/territory (ON) shown in the `TX Exch` field of the logging screen. Multipliers are each county within the Mid-Atlantic states.

CAPDC (Washington, DC) and BALMD (Baltimore, MD) are 2 separate multipliers.
When receiving the exchange from Canadian stations, be consistant when entering the PEI/PE and NWT/NT multipliers (use only one or the other). Otherwise the logger will count extra multipliers for the same province/territory.

QSO points:
PH = 1. CW = 2. Mobile (call/M) = 3 (regardless of mode).
Work stations on both PH and CW modes.

Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

This contest uses different county abbreviations than normally used in standard QSO Parties for those states. Plus, they are in the `countystate` format, see the [ maqsop.dat ] listing.

Datafile required: [ maqsop.dat ].

A good site for large state county maps is:
Just edit the state of interest into your browser`s address window, ie: change `virginia` and hit <Enter>.