Automated Transverter Band Switching
  Automated Transverter Band Switching in VHFLOG and KM Rover

Win7 and Win8 Band Switching is supported using a CanaKit UK1104 USB I/O Controller. This unit also
has 4 relays that can be configured in VHFLOG to follow band switching.

The controller requires only USB power when generating band data. Jumper J1 is in position A.
A 12V/1A supply and J1 at position B is required for relay operation.

The 4 BCD channel outputs are wired to a connector that plugs into your decoder box. Channel 5 is
used if required - read Note 1 below. A 0.10" (2.54mm) pitch header plug and ribbon cable at the
controller is easiest.

This is the manual and the UK1104 USB Windows driver is here. Read this if you get a message when
installing the driver: "The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file". After
driver installation, the COM port from the Device Manager is entered into the band switching setup.

The 4 BCD channels and data latch CH5 connections:
LPT pin
see note 1
You can send commands to the controller board using a Terminal Emulation program. Set the program to the COM port listed in the Device Manager. Hit the <Enter> key to get the :: prompt, which means the unit is ready. BCD Truth table. ::CHS.OFF <Enter> = BCD 0000 ::CH1.ON = BCD 1000 A 12V/1A supply and J1 at position B is required for relay operation. ::REL1.ON ::REL1.OFF Note 1: You need the lock-out circuits below to prevent hot-switching, as explained here in #4. When the controller is set to a band, the BCD outputs are first cleared by setting BCD 0000. Although unlikely, if this causes your switchbox to respond during the software write function (BCD 0000 = 6M), connect CH5 to the `+V from Xvtrs on TX` input (with steering diode) to hold U1 enable low during the COM port BCD write commands. This BCD latch circuitry can be built on perfboard with a socket for U1 and installed in the decoder box. Both U1 and Q1 are used, Q1 latch enable output goes to U1 Latch input.