W3KM - Browser setup
  Browser setup:

1) Look at the properties of your shortcut to your browser .exe.
2) Use the `File`, `Set path to browser .exe` menus. Go thru the folders
tree by double-clicking each selection, finally setting the path to the .exe.

1) While in the shortcut properties, copy the path to the browser .exe.
2) Open the VHFLOG Ini file, VHF32Control.ini
3) Near the bottom of the file, find the [Path to browser .exe] tag.
4) Paste the path into the line below the tag, over-write what might be there.
5) Re-save the file.

[Path to browser .exe]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

  Several ways to lookup a callsign on-line:
QRZ.com -
1) click a QSO in the log, then right-mouse click.
2) <Enter> `QRZcall` into the call field, where call is the lookup callsign.
3) click a QSO in the log and <Enter> `QRZ` in the callsign field.
4) in the grid activity or check list windows, click a line, then right-mouse click.

DXHeat.com -
1) in the Beacons window, click a line, then right-mouse for the DXCluster look-up.