W3KM - KMRover Revision History
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** Always re-name your current working logger for back-up before updating. ** Read the FAQ page. 09/2011 v3.54 ° *** This is the last update for XP and earlier *** ° Help file changes. ° In Win7 and 8 with some video monitor scan rates, the screen flickers when the UTC time label is updated every second. Use the `Option` menu to select hh:mm instead. ° USB CW/PTT interfaces and USB to serial adapters are now supported. ° Fixed the GPS COM port screen display - again. ° COM port setup upper-right-X disabled - forces use of the `OK` button. 07/2010 v3.53 Updated Help files - read v3.51 below. Created a Fall Sprints menu item in the contest selector. Minor change to Cabrillo output for call-R to call/R conversion. Changed Spring Sprints to score using km-distance instead of grid mults X Q-points. KMRover32-noResize.exe that does not have the third party re-sizing control was also updated. 08/2009 v3.52 Added the {File}{Use ADIF} menu to turn ON/OFF the use of the ADIF file lookup using vhf4k.adi (or other ADIF in the same format). Added {File}{View/Edit ADIF} menu. Manually edit/update the file while logging. Fixed the callsign lookup regarding the bands to be worked display. Software runs in Vista/Win7, maybe not on a 64-bit OS - read this and this. 01/2008 v3.51 Microsoft does not ship WinHelp with the new OS, so the WinHelp file may not open from the logger`s {Help} menu. Download Microsoft`s WinHlp32 file. x64 is for 64-bit PCs and x86 is for 32-bit Pcs. Or - use the selectable {Help} menu option for HTML help. The WinHelp file looks nicer and is easier to navigate. Added CATEGORY-OPERATOR, CATEGORY-STATION, CATEGORY-TRANSMITTER and CATEGORY-POWER to the Cabrillo file instead of only CATEGORY field. Edit in NotePad to satisfy the `robot`. Added Category-station selections `Rover-Limited` and `Rover-Unlimited`. To print a grid map, turn ON the printer check-box and use <F5>. 06/2007 v3.5 KMRover that does not have the AResize third-party control. Auto UTC offset function from PC`s system Time Zone setup. Added some code to help printing to Laser and Ink Jet printers. 03/2005 v3.14 Call lookup now uses the local club datafile [cklist.dat] and local area file [ck2list.dat] to display the operator`s name. /R is stripped off the entry before searching datafiles. Automatic log file back-up can be written to any drive - even USB flash drives. Modified the DVK in the RIGblaster mode for 16-bit sound cards. The 16-bit play time was incorrectly calculated, causing an added delay when using the repeat function or PTT. 08/2004 v3.13 CW/PTT can be interfaced on COM1 with the GPS connected - use a `Y` serial cable. The GPS data stream is interrupted during CW. The compass now works when `Manual offset` is turned `Off` and the calculated beam heading remains displayed in the heading box. Changed Cabrillo `903` designator to `902`. 06/2004 v3.12 Added the <GRID> and <2GRID> keywords to CW <F1> message - to send your current grid square. Long-filenames for LOGs are OK now - keep them a reasonable length. 01/2004 v3.11 Added software swap switch for DTS and RTS COM port connections for CW/PTT. Added DVK over-ride mode that allows cancelling a playing wave file and the repeat function. DVK over-ride also provided by mic click and footswitch click when a RIGblaster is used. CW is available on LPT1-17. Band change encoder has outputs to LPT1 on all bands. 01/2004 v3.1 Added transverter IF/LO offset display, like VHF LOG. Also displays favorite beacon frequencies. The application LO.exe is used to generate the datafiles. 10/2003 v3.0 - 32-bit version, compiled with Microsoft VB v5. Same as the 16-bit logger w/GPS, plus BCD decoder output to LPT1 to switch transverters, amps and antennas and has `GPS tracking`.
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