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2016 Membership Form (WPD)

2016 Membership Form (PDF)

TARC Net Proceedures (MS Word)

TARC Net Proceedures (PDF)

ARRL Band Plan in Color (PDF)

2017 Election of Officers sample ballot

     Amateur Radio License Prep

Tech License Study Guide PowerPoint

              Presentations and Papers

     A Summary of SWR and Calculations (PDF)
     by Don Bardwell WA5PRI

     Impedence, SWR, and Smith Charts (PDF)
     by Don Bardwell WA5PR

Solar Activity and Ham Radio
by George Tippett WB5PKK

Bayou Regional Amateur Radio Society

BRARS Articles of Incorporation

BRARS Bylaws

Conflict of Interest Policy

Proposed changes to BRARS bylaws

2014  Tax Report

2015 Tax Report

On October 17, 2016, a Board of Directors meeting was
convened to consider the following changes and
amendments to the Bylaws of the Bayou Region
Amateur Radio Society.
The proposed changes are published here, in
accordance with the public disclosure section of the
bylaws of the Bayou Region Amateur Radio Society so
that members of the Society may inform themselves of
their content.
During the regular scheduled business meeting of the
Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club, to be conducted on
Monday, November 7th 2016 at the Terrebonne Parish
Public Library, 4130 West Park Avenue Gray Louisiana, a
vote shall be taken to approve these amendments,
listed below, to the existing bylaws of the Bayou Region
Amateur Radio Society .
Repeater Rules
Articles of Suspension
Articles of Resignation
Articles of Expulsion
Modification of Section 12

Please consider making a donation to support the vital work of the Society.
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