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National Weather Office Slidell:
(Storm spotting and reporting)
The National Weather Service Slidell office Amateur Radio information below is courtesy of Ronald Riviere, WB5CXJ, Ozone ARC.  Thanks Ronald!
During weather events NWS Slidell operates FM  on the 147.270 (-) pl 114.8 repeater.  This repeater has wide coverage but not sure if you can make it from
NWS also uses the old standard ax25 packet system on 145.010.  The antenna for this system is at 500ft and also has wide coverage.  THIS IS NOT APRS. This is a
standard packet system.  W5SLA, operates in the following manner:
The main digi is not a node but standard tnc. You can digipete  through the system using th via command and call sign w5sla-4 or sil.  You cannot connect to and
then connect to another station.
W5SLA-3 is the mail box where we will post wx bulletins during activation.  It can also be used to leave messages for other hams.
W5SLA-5 is the mail box at the NWS office in Slidell where you can inform us of wx events in the field.  This is monitored 24/7 whether emergency or not.
You will probably need to digi thru another station to get to the NWS station.
This is used mainly during hurricanes but can be used during other events.
Ozone ARC/NWS follow the Louisiana Section and Delta Division mou's.
Daytime:  7.285 LSB
Nightime: 3.890 LSB
These frequencies are subject to change by the direction of the Section Manager or Division Director.
They do not accept health and welfare traffic at the NWS.

National Hurricane Center
National Hurricane Center on EchoLInk
Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Net
National HazMat Incident Map
IRLP website
Online Amateur Radio license practice tests:
DX Watch:  h/t to Jim Babin WA5BJB.  Thanks for the tip on this site, Jim!

Calculating ERP:

Calculating VHF & UHF Line of Sight (LoS):

Antenna feedline loss table:
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