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W5YL Club Treasurer
Name:        Francis Boudreaux
Callsign:   WD5CFM
Class:        Amateur Extra

Brief Bio:

I am a native of Thibodaux, Louisiana, and after serving in the US Army Signal Corp.
and completing 50 weeks of electronics training at Ft. Monmouth N.J., I was sent to
Vietnam in 1970 to 1971. After ETS I completed more electronics training at the Trade
School in Houma LA. I did receive my second phone communications license while at
school. After working with oilfield service companies, I started working with Mobil OIL
Corp. in the Gulf of Mexico. I had a deal with my brother (N5AKD) who lived in Berwick
LA: “If you go to the morse code class, I will go too.” We attended classes in Morgan
City LA. The class was given by Grant Patton (W5GPJ) who just recently passed away.
I was first licensed in 1976 as WD5CFM. Today I’m currently working for Island
Operating Co. in Houma, LA. I have a wife (Louise) and three children and two grand

What I enjoy about Amateur Radio:

I am the net manager for the the Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Net. I do enjoy calling the
net on Thursday nights at 01:00 Zulu.  The net will have 60 or 90 check-in on any given

I also enjoy working on 10 thru 80 meter making contact and friends around the world. I
have logged 80 countries and near 800 contacts in the last year.

I enjoy working to help provide VE Testing for the club for new hams and upgrades.

I do like the emergency preparedness aspect of our hobby. I believe that we have to
get more young people interested in ham radio. I like to meet people and make friends.
I encourage everyone to ham it up with amateur radio. It’s a great Hobby.

Thanks to my Uncle W5TSQ and many others for creating the spark.