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Camp Casey Korea


The road leading from the Chinese Tunnel
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The road leading from Cp Beavers to Cp St Barbara

Doing the Laundry near Gate 2

The PX and Cafeteria under construction in 1957

Snack Bar/PX in 1961

Service Club in 1961

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Feb 16 2009

With all the hundreds of thousands that have served in Korea since the 50s, I thought it would be nice to have a place to leave messages and comments for others that served in the same area or unit. You can post up messages, stories, pictures, or what ever you wish, to pass on to others. The below forum is set up for your use.

->Forum for guys that served in Korea<-

Camp Casey, 1953 and 1954

Camp Casey, 1955 and 1959

Ken Hoffecker photos at Camp Casey 1960

Camp Casey, 1960 through 1970s

Camp Casey, 1980 through Present

Pictures of Korea during the 60s

7th ID MPs at Camp Casey

Happy Valley/Dragon Valley Area of Cp Casey

The History of Camp Casey Korea

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I was at Casey in 1960-61 in the 17th Transportation Bn.