I Corp
Cp St Barbara

Camp St Barbara Korea
Home of I Corps Artillery from 1952 through 1971

Recent Satellite View of the Cp St Barbara area,
Click below for a BIG view

Sat View of Cp St B Area

North of Casey area, Click below for a BIG view

DMZ Area

The Main Gate seen from the Ville

The road as you leave Cp St Barbara,
headed towards the Chinese Tunnel.

The road departing Cp Beavers towards Cp St Barbara
The road was gravel till the late 60's.

New, August 18 2006
This is a view from above the village, with where the MP shack
was, maked with the red arrow. I am trying to get more details

This was taken Sept 2008.
I was told the old bridge was removed, but it is still there. :)

Click to see a wider view
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The Main Gate at Cp St Barbara

The Village and Main Gate area during a Flood





If you have seen the above 2 areas, you were too close to the DMZ :)

The Hantan River just north of St Barbara before it runs past the Camp

The road leading from the Chinese Tunnel
(Click to see pictures of the tunnel)

The Unique Hanging Rock in the fog

June 1968 News Paper

This should help on some of the Agent Orange Claims.

Feb 16 2009

With all the hundreds of thousands that have served in Korea since the 50s, I thought it would be nice to have a place to leave messages and comments for others that served in the same area or unit. You can post up messages, stories, pictures, or what ever you wish, to pass on to others. The below forum is set up for your use.

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Camp St Barbara Pictures

Pictures North of the 38th

The Law, North of the 38th Pictures

Camp St Barbara in the 1950s

Camp St Barbara in the 1960s

Camp St Barbara in the 1970s

The Chinese Tunnel

=> Pictures of Camp St Barbara Area 2006 <=

The Ville

NEW => Pictures of Camp St Barbara Sept 2008 <= NEW

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Saint Barbara

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Stanley

I Corp Artillery Prior to moving to Camp St Barbara

The History of Camp St Barbara Korea

I Corps History

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I was in D Company, 4th Maint Bn, a Direct Support unit. We had a 12 man Detachment at Cp St Barbara. I was there 1969-70

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