Macedonian Radio Amateur Station Z30B

(also Z37CEF on the HF bands)

Radio Club Stevo Patako, P.O. Box 148, 97001 Bitola 1, Macedonia

QRV on 144 MHz EME/ MS from loc. KN01PA

(41o 1' 4" N , 21o 17' 9" E)

Station Description

Transceiver: Yaesu FT-225RD

Power amplifier: 3 X 4CX250B, 1500 Watts output

Praemplifier: MGF 1302

Antenna: 4 X 22 el. YU0B J-slot (understacked), abt. 17.5 dBd

Cable losses: about 1 dB

CW Filter bandwidth: 100 Hz

Operators: Z31RM, Z31RQ, Z31WW, Z32DW, Z32TW

If you are interested in 2 m EME sched widh Z30B, please contact VE7BQH.

Please send QSL cards for all 2 m EME contacts to Z31RQ via the bureau or direct.

Contact e-mail address: