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A Diary Of My Allotment Adventures!

By Kim Westcott

Welcome to my Home Page!

My name is Kim and I work two organic allotments in sunny Devon. I would say I have been passionate about gardening for most of my life.

I decided to get my first allotment in 2002 to grow my own vegetables after concerns about insecticides and other chemical sprays used in conventional gardening and food production. By growing my own vegetables organically I can be sure that they are healthy and fresh and that there has been no damage done to the environment.

In my time on the allotments I have made many mistakes, faced many disappointments and suffered many disasters but I still continue to cultivate my plots because of the sheer pleasure they give me. I find growing vegetables a deeply satisfying and rewarding experience.

This site is all about my plots, sharing with you a monthly diary and accounts of various projects and interests - I hope you will take the time to look around.

This site is frequently updated so feel free to comment or ask questions.

© Kim Westcott 2008