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operating in Honiton and East Devon.

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Gill Batten, domestic cleaner, Gill's Domestics.

I'm Gill, and I own and run Gill's Domestics, a business offering help with domestic cleaning, ironing and general housework.

A lifelong resident of Devon and mother of four, I offer a professional cleaning and clothes ironing service for private homes in the vicinity of Honiton and the surrounding villages in that area of East Devon, extending through the Ottery Saint Mary area towards Exeter.

I am fully CRB checked, and with many years' cleaning experience and working with the elderly, I feel I am able to offer an outstanding service to my customers. I'm the only person in this business, therefore ensuring customer satisfaction is important to me and in turn you can feel reassured knowing it'll be me who will be turning up from week to week, and not a random employee of some faceless organisation.

Gill's domestics, domestic cleaner, mop and bucket

Please note that I normally expect to use the client's cleaning materials during my visit; This is because the client will usually have a range of trusted and preferred products already in-house, compatible with their floors and work surfaces, and avoids the risk of possible allegic reactions to any cleaners I may bring in to use. In adition to this, by not having to use my own chemicals I can keep my prices competitive. If you are unable to supply the consumables or simply perfer me to bring my own, please let me know in advance so that I can arrive fully equipped.

My Fees:
£12.00 per hour for all services, subject to a minimum of one hour. Fractions of an hour are charged at the rate of £3.00 for each full 15 minute period.

If you'd like to contact me using one of the methods below, we can have a preliminary chat about your requirements and perhaps arrange a convenient time for me to pop out for an informal, no-obligation visit to discuss matters over a nice cup of tea.

Contact information:
    • Mobile: 07708 664 101
    • E-mail:  

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