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Due to some computer problems, there may be some discrepancies in the website listing of lowband (160M/80M/40M) QSOs for May 8. Therefore, If you worked us on 40M, 80M or 160M on May 8, please disregard any website listings that are not in agreement with your log.

The final leg to Agalega
The last leg of our journey to Agalega was by sea on the 32m long Lady Esme. This is a 50 year-old vessel built in Scotland. It has 15 bunks and so some of us had to sleep on deck. The sea was rough and the pitching and rolling caused about half of the 3B6 team to be seasick. Three fishing lines were trawled behind the boat but only one fish, a barracuda, was caught. The voyage from Coetivy took 22 hours

Destination in sight
Our destination, North Island, Agalega, finally in sight - Saturday, 5th May. The 'port' facilities are just visible. This is where all the sea freight for the North Island is off-loaded. This largely replaces the older 'port' on South Island that was built on the windward side of the island.


Welcome to the 3B6 Agalega Expedition 2001

This project was initiated by the the Swiss crew of the 3B7RF-expedition 1998

Most members of the St. Brandon expedition team will take part in this extraordinary event. The crew consisting of 18 members from 8 different nations have got a challenging goal. Agalega currently ranking place16 on the ARRL most wanted list should be dropped down to rank 100. We also intend to fly the flag of "HAM SPIRIT". We will give a chance to everybody - as far as possible and also to the QRS and to the QRP operators.

Hans-Peter HB9BXE, January 2000

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