Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association


8J1JAUS celebrated 30 years of reciprocal licensing between Japan and the United States!


Read complete details of the Special TIARA Event Project 30 Years Anniversary (STEP 30)
on the special event web site.

8J1JAUS was operated from locations throughout Japan by TIARA members from 07 August 2015 through 29 February 2016. We will QSL all contacts via the bureau. (You don't need to send us a card.)

Background on the arrival of reciprocal licensing:

8J1JAUS Kickoff Operation 08~09 August

8J1JAUS Kickoff team: JF1TEU, JH1MPQ, JA1PSV, 7J1AJH, JA8CCL

8J1JAUS Kickoff weekend team left to right:

JA1PSV and JF1TEU operating 8J1JAUS

left Toshi Wakui JA1PSV on 6 meters,
right Yoshi (Kawa) Kawabe JF1TEU on 20 meters

JH1MPQ and JF1TEU operating 8J1JAUS

left Sonobe JH1MPQ on 6,
right Kawa JF1TEU on 20


<i>8J1JAUS Kickoff team: JF1TEU, JH1MPQ, JA1PSV, 7J1AJH, JA8CCL


antenna at JI1HSV

Antenna at JI1HSV

TIARA celebrated its 40th year in 2012!

TIARA booth at 2012 Japan Ham Fair
link to full size

W6J QSL: TIARA booth at the JARL Ham Fair in Tokyo August 25, 2012

W6J QSL card
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First of all, many thanks to all the club officers and both members and non-members for your support over the years. We are grateful to be able to celebrate this milestone in our club’s history.

A party was held in Ginza, Tokyo on Saturday evening, 25 August 2012. There were a lot of familiar faces, including some that are currently living overseas. Bill Stenson, 7J1AAB, prepared some closing remarks that sum up the first 40 years of the club.

TIARA at the JARL Ham Fair in Tokyo

Our booth (#J-39) at the JARL Ham Fair 2012 in Tokyo was well attended. There were a number of photos that highlighted the history of the members and their activities.

Special Events Call Sign W6J

Dan 7J1ABD / WA6URY set up a remote control VoIP station using the special events call W6J operating from California. A total of 180 QSOs were made on August 25th and 26th 2012.

A QSO between 8J1A (at the Ham Fair in Tokyo) and W6J was especially memorable. Details can be found on page 5 of the October issue of morsEasia.

By Mode By Band By Area
CW73 20m115 North America135
SSB107 40m65 South America3
  Australia/New Zealand4

Commemorative QSL

Commemorative QSLs were recently printed. All QSLs sent direct to QSL manager WA6URY have been answered. QSLs for all QSOs (except those already confirmed direct) will be sent via the bureau where possible.

Thank you for all the QSOs!
   Dan, WA6URY / 7J1ABD
   January 10, 2013

Background for Using the Special Events Call W6J

TIARA was founded in Tokyo in 1972 with the two main purposes. The first, to establish a forum for foreign hams to meet each other and local Japanese hams. The second, to pursue the goal of foreign hams being able to operate in Japan with their own personal call sign (foreigners at that timewere only allowed to use Japanese club call signs based on rather strict operating procedure requirements). In 1985 through the hard work and efforts of many,TIARA club officers and members, the reciprocal licensing agreement between the United States and Japan was approved by the related governments in 1985. This paved the way for the issuance of personal call signs with the prefix “7J” to foreigners living in Japan. The call W6J (W6 Japan) was selected as the special events call to celebrate TIARA’s 40th anniversary and the reciprocal licensing agreement.

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