AG7FY's radio labworks

Welcome to my eclectic collection of wireless projects.

My goal is to produce good documentation and writeups about these projects: building and testing with a DIY suite of communications equipment. Much of what you see here is a big learning experiment, including writing an html/css webpage itself! Comments, questions, ideas and critiques are welcome.

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Project specific code will be on its relevent webpage, but code and project schematics can be found on my gitlab:

Project writeups

Building the Weber Tri-bander transciever

Part 1: Assembly
Part 2: Testing

DTMF decoder

My first piece of HAM radio home automation. Control a Raspberry Pi with DTMF.

APRS Nanomodem TNC

My take on a PCB for OZ7TMD's AX.25 modem design. Uses an atmega328. Arduino compatible.

Antenna schematics

Antenna designs and EZNEC files. Some have been built, some are just at the design state.

Aluminum VHF j-pole

An attractive and heavy duty j-pole antenna for 2 meters. Built with 3/8 aluminum round and stainless-steel nuts and bolts.

ADSB antenna & preamp

A quick n' dirty preamp and bias-t for better ADSB reception over long, cheap coax.