Psalm 91:1

1He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:4

4He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your

 shield and rampart.


Prayer Requests


To have your prayer request added to our web page please Email or text your prayer request to 

one of our Prayer Warriors:


Denis Parker [email protected]      Frank Brodale [email protected]

Bruce Elbert [email protected]      Terry Thompson [email protected]

Geno McGahey [email protected]     JD KG5PXO text 1 281 732 6561



31 October 2022

From WD4ACH Please send up prayers for the Claybo family, members of the church Denis is at, as the father had a cardiac arrest on Sunday and went to be with the Lord. He leaves 2 grandkids and family needing prayers and support. We place them in your loving arms Dear Lord!


31 October 2022

Please pray for Gerry K4RBZ as he meets with a colon surgeon at 1400Z on this Thursday 3 November.


26 October 2022

Please everyone send prayers up for our Brother Gerry, K4RBZ as he just heard he has colon cancer and he is dealing with the stress of his wife's health and problems from her fall. Hold them both close Dear Savior as we place there care in your loving hands!


17 October 22

Please pray for Gerry and Shirley in these trying times in there lives. Gerry says "Stress finally got me.....Thurs. I had rectal bleeding....3 stools of blood.....Entered hospital Thurs. night.....Had Colonoscopy Sat. morn. Came home yesterday.....Am very very weak from loss of blood" Lord please take care of Gerry and Family.


17 September 22

Please pray for Samantha Green and the Green Family, as they had a still birth and need prayers and love from us and God. Into your loving arms Dear Lord we place all our needs and wants!


15 August 2022

Please send up prayers for Claude N9BKA as he is having some heart failure issues and is being monitored for my symptoms to fix the problems. Please Lord guide the doctors and look after Claude and family!


11 August 2022

Please continue prays for Jon son of WB0AKV, who is Seeing the surgeon today for seeing the problem.  We place them in your hands Dear Lord for the doctors care!



11 August 2022

From Chuck N7AAG,Arlo, KC7YJH, needs our prayers hes in the hospital, battling a sepsis infection. Please pray for Arlo and family as we place them in the hands of our Lord.


9 August 2022

Please continue prayers for Shirley Wife of Gerry K4RBZ as she is still having body jerks and sleepless nights. We place them in your arms Dear Lord.


3 August 2022

NW7US - Tomas, Can we add my wife to the prayer request list? Years ago she suffered an injury to her back. Well, the injury has become a very difficult situation - extreme pain, and she may well need surgery. Please pray for healing, for strength to manage through pain, and so forth. We place these in your hands Dear Lord.

3August 2022

NW7US - Tomas, I have a second interview with the company that wants me to work with them. It is scheduled for 12pm Eastern, tomorrow (4 August 2022). Please pray for this to go well. This is also a PRAISE report - thank you for praying on this, so far. Please pray for this!

28 July 2022

Gerry K4RBZwould like prayers for his wife Shirley, as her body jerks are worse today. Please pray for Shirley and the doctors to find a reason for these jerks and a solution to them. We these in your loving arms Dear Lord.

28 July 2022

KA5FTX, CB, would like prayers as he goes to Mexico next week to assist with fighting the forest fires. God please look after CB and all the members fighting these and other forest fires.


25 July 2022

Please pray for Jon son of WB0AKV, who is having severe pain. He is going to ER or a walk in clinic to see what is going on! We place them in your hands Dear Lord for the doctors care!


25 July 2022

Prayer request for Arlo  KC7JYH, he is in the hospital with a plethora of serious medical issues. Please pray for him and the doctors for a good diagnosis. We place him in your hands Dear Lord.


25 July 2022

Please pray for Shirley wife of Gerry K4RBZ as she is suffering with some infrequent body jerks and does not get sleep or rest well and tests are finding no solutions yet. Hold her in your palm Dear Lord and ease them away and guide the doctors to that solution.


21 July 2022

Please pray for Jon, son of Rich WB0AKV as he goes in for a consultation involving some lower intestinal problems. Hold him and the doctors in Your Grace dear Lord for the proper results as you need. Amen.


12 July 2022

N7AAG: GM All - prayer request: I have a barely uncontrollable nose bleed - trying to get into a specialist to help me  Thanks


12 July 2022

NW7US - Tomas: PRAYER REQUEST: My daughter has asked to have a prayer said on behalf of her co-worker who is a mother of eight - she has been found to have blood clots in her lungs and other areas, as a result of the J&J "vaccine." She has lost her uncle and mom, and it sounds urgent.


7 July 2022

K7PTL - Mike,  just got a text from Larry 9 N0LRB who would like prayer for Darlene. Possible COVID - they are at a walk-in clinic at the moment! Please pray for Larry and Darlene as we place them in the Lords loving ARMS!


11 June 22

Please pray for, Arla wife of  Dean K0TV, who has just been diagnosed with cancer. She will be having surgery on Monday. Please keep her, Dean and the doctors in your thoughts and prayers and place her on the prayer list. Hold them and the doctors in Your hands Dear Lord.


10 June 22

Please pray for Dave W7PTL husband of Sharon KA7DAC, as he is struggling with health issues. Hold him in your loving arms Dear Lord and guide the doctors for him.


7 June 22

Please pray for W0RVK, Ron and there Publishing of the word Ministry. Psalms 68:11. "The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Spread the word Dear Lord.


7 June 22

Please pray for Harold, KI5KF as his blood pressure meds are not working like before. We place him, doctors and all in your hands dear Lord. Amen!


7 June 22

Please send up prayers for Roylene Wife of VA7RA Roland, as her kidney function is dropping and she only has one. We place her and the doctors in you hands dear Lord.



1 June 22

Please pray for Janice, wife of Duane KJ7ONE, as she is going in for back surgery on 7 June. We place her and all family and doctors in your hands Dear God!


31 May 22

We have two prayer requests today:

Please pray for Bonnie Jean wife of JD KG5PXO who was rushed to the hospital yesterday in some distress. Please pray for her, JD, and the doctors work to help her out of this situation.


Also please pray for W0ZMU Roger's daughter Laura, she broke her femur bone and had partial hip replacement, long rehab expected. We place her and the doctors in your hands dear Lord.


18 May 22

Please send prayers up for Lorraine, sister in law of Tim WB7ORB as she is having some knee replacement today and has a bad heart. Prayers for her and the doctors and all! God bless them in this time of need!


22 April 22

Denis asking for prayers for Brother Greg suffering from Covid with water not leaving body with too much water at heart, lungs and all. Please pray for Greg and the doctor skills needed for his recovery..


22 April 22

Prayer requested for Tomas NW7US- I was nearly hospitalized. Turned into walking pneumonia - three rounds of antibiotics, not able to cook, had liver damage and heart damage - liver appears to be repairing itself, but we don't yet know about my heart. I had to wear a heart monitor. I meet the cardiologist on May 5. Job loss from COVID event requires a hunt for a new one, and am asking for guidance and wisdom from our Father, through the Holy Spirit, as to job options, etc. Also praying for provision from our Provider, to make it until income is restored.

6 April 22

Please send up prayers for Joe N2DAB and his daughter Lisa as she is giving him a kidney on 21 April 2022. We place them and the doctors and medical staff in the hands of our Lord and Savior, Hold them in your Loving Arms Dear Lord!


28 March 22

From N0CXY Lew, please send up prayers for Joe who is battling cancer and for Shari who is having another ablation and a pacemaker wire placement correction. They are members of our congregation here. Look after them and guide the doctors hands Dear Lord!


16 March 22

Please pray for Greg, brother to Denis WD4ACH, who is suffering with A fib and congestive heart failure. Into your loving arms Dear Lord, look after him and his doctors.


4 February 22

Please continue prayers for Jason, the Nephew of Mike K7PTL who is a San Diego police officer and in the hospital suffering from Coved. He is in very serious condition in ICU with double Pneumonia and suffering some physical damage. Hold them all close Lord in Your loving arms to give them rapid and complete healing through the Doctors care!



3 February 22

From: Charles Winter N7AAG: Could I enlist you as Prayer Warriors to pray for one of Marilyns younger brothers, George, who has been an Indiana pastor most of his life? He is facing triple bypass, open heart surgery on February 8th , plus a valve replacement. It was scheduled for today in Indianapolis, but at the last minute changed to next week. Thank you. We place him and the doctors in Your loving arms Dear Lord for Your special care in this time of need.


3 February 22

From: Stan Poeschel 

I would ask prayer for Virginia. These past two days have been unbearably painful for her to the point that she doesn't want to get up because she is in such pain. The doctors told her that her back is worn out and there is nothing they can do for her. Many, many years ago a doctor told her that she would one day be in a wheelchair. She is tough but there is a limit as to how tough a person can be. Thanks, Stan. Please Lord help Virginia and Stan in this time of need!


26 January 22

Please continue Prayer for Bill WB1DQT as he goes in for heart surgery this coming Friday 28 Jan 2022. Keep him and the doctors in your loving ARMS Dear Lord.


26 January 22

From Tomas NW7US: Please asking for prayer for a critical financial provision need, and, for the health of my wife and for my health too. This has been a challenging couple of months. Thanks We place them in your loving arms Lord!!


24 January 22

Please pray for Jason, the Nephew of Mike K7PTL who is a San Diego police officer and in the hospital suffering from Coved. Hold them all close Lord in Your loving arms!


24 January 22

Please send up some prayers for our brother and sister Denis WD4ACH and his wife Andra, very sick this past weekend and have tested positive for Covid. Hold them close dear Lord and keep them well to your purpose please!


22 January 22

Please Keep Joshua, Grandson of Mike K7PTL and Mary K3PTL, in your prayers as he is going thru the Covid symptoms. Keep him and family in your caring hands Lord.


22 January 22

Please Pray for Bill WB1DQT as he goes in for heart surgery this coming Friday 28 Jan 2022. Keep him and the doctors in your loving ARMS Dear Lord.


21 January 22

Please pray for Stu K7ALM for a speedy recovery from the Covid there also. We place his care in Your caring arms also Dear Lord.

21 January 22

Prayer request from Chuck N7AAG for his pastor Nathan for his recovery from Covid. We place him in your loving care dear Lord!

11 January 22

From VA7RA-Roland: Prayer request for VE7LC, Claude my dear friend & new to the faith, Emergency chemo two day ago for his Lymphoma! We place him and family in Your loving arms dear Lord.


8 January 22

This is N0CXY, Lew, and I am asking for prayers for our Daughter-in-law Kris, our Daughter by marriage to our son Matt, and for all the family and friends there as Her sister just committed suicide after a stretch with some depression and drugs. In Your loving arms Dear Lord!


7 January 22

K7ALM - Stu:
GM all! Blessings and love for your day and weekend! I've got a big prayer request today: our 21 year old granddaughter, Madeleine (Maddy), in her 3rd year with us as she attends college here in Bremerton, came home yesterday with a positive test result for Covid-19. The three of us, including Susan and me, are now under quarantine. Susan is the healthiest of us, reporting no symptoms. Please pray for patience and proper attention to isolation protocol. We're all twice vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.


1 January 22

From Chuck N7AAG, Please Pray for Stan Poeschel's son Jerry. For a long time he has only had the use of one arm. Surgery is scheduled on the other shoulder this month, which means both arms incapacitated. Stan emailed that over the weekend Jerry tripped and broke a bone in one foot. Lots of Grace and wisdom for doctors needed. Please pray for all!


28 December 21

Please pray for our Tuesday NCS Jerry K1GUP as he progresses with the radiation treatments he is undergoing. Into your hands dear Lord.


23 December 21

Please continue to pray for Donny, son of W4VGI Ed, blood clot removal was a success and fluids are draining, but now is on a list for a liver transplant. Prayers needed! we place him in Your hands dear Lord!


23 December 21

Please pray for the Grandson of Don, K3RYV,  who is in the hospital for some medical needs.


23 December 21

Please pray for Donny, son of W4VGI Ed, Who is in the hospital right now for urgent liver surgery. Shunt is closed and abdomen filling with fluid to drain fluids for his medical problem. Into your hands Dear Lord asking for you easing his needs.


10 December 21

Please pray for Marie, 2 year old granddaughter of Ken WA7RLZ as she has some health issues. We place her in Your loving arms dear Lord!


2 December 21

Please pray for our daughter in law Kris as she goes through surgery for a hip replacement and that when finished the pain she has suffered for years will also be gone through this surgery. We place her and all requests in Your loving arms dear Lord!


2 December 21

Please send up some prayers for Jerry K1GUP for healing as he progresses through some treatment for a cancer spot they have found. We place him in  your hands dear Lord!


29 November 21

Please continue prayers for Herb N4PHC as now he has developed Pneumonia and all needed operations have ceased till this passes. Please Lord help our Brother Herb with his healing and mending, we place him in Your loving Arms for all his care and needs. Amen!


24 November 21

Please continue the prayers for Brother Herb N4PHC as one surgery is complete and is in recovery before they can do the next surgery. He is stable but critical. Take him in Your Arms dear lord with comfort and healing as your will be done!


21 November 21

From Denis WD4ACH, Ted, Herb's son called. He has fractured C-7 in his neck. In the Lumbar spine area
L-1 L-2 L-3 are fractured also. He has also fractured his Sternum. He has to have 3 surgeries. First one is Tuesday. Please pray. At his age this will be tough surgeries.


18 November 21

Please send up prayer for Patsy, wife of Dave KE4EW, as she deals with memory problems and being moved or not. Hold her and Dave and family in Your arms Dear Lord.


18 November 21

Prayer Request from Chuck N7AAG for Arlo, a friend with diabetes and his feet are very bad and not able to walk. Please Lord hold him in your arms as sent prayers to You for him!


17 November 21

VA7RA-Roland: I just remembered to post a prayer request...for Angelina, A dear (Figian friend & widowed Pastors wife) She fell and is in hospital. No broken bones. PTL! Please pray for Angelina!


12 November 21

Please Pray for George KC4IAM and family of Family Motor Coach Association amateur radio net as his wife Anita recently passed away. Please Lord look after George and hold them in your caring hands.


9 November 21

Send up prayers for Drema, wife of N8BBD, Bill in Clarksburg, Va. she broke her foot in two places and goes to hospital today for treatment. We place her in Your hands Dear Lord.


8 November 21

Please pray for Bill in Grand Rapids Michigan as he is in need of transportation or car and a place to live. He is 85 years old and is post open heart surgery and doing well. We place him in your Loving arms dear Lord! If anyone can help Darrell's phone number is 405-812-0047


6 November 21

Please Pray for Patsy wife of Dave KE4EW as she is needing to move from the nursing home she is at and they are having trouble finding another. Look after both of them Dear Lord as we place them in your loving care!


4 November 21

Please send up prayers for Dave W7PTL and for his caretaker Sharon KA7DAC as Dave fell on Tuesday and has 3 clean breaks in his upper arm at the shoulder, so no surgery or cast required. He is in much pain but is working thru it all. Please Dear Lord look after them both and we place them in your loving arms for your special care.


29 October 21

Prayer request from VA7RA Roland, for my dear neighbor Arnie, who was rushed to Emergency at dinner time last evening, with heart/ ' Pace maker' troubles! He is 87. We place him in your hands Dear Lord! Please send up prayers for Arnie and family.


28 October 21

Please pray for Sandy wife of K5NRF Noel and for him and family as they deal with with some serious health/medical issues for Sandy. Dear Lord we place them in your hands and loving arms!


11 October 21

ARMS Midwest Gang...From KK0DJ Dennis

   I just received word on the Iowa Net that Bernie Lewiston, KB0L, an ARMS member had a blackout early this morning about 4:30AM and was taken via ambulance from his home to Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames.  I have no further information but thought it of the utmost importance to have everyone pray for Bernie and his family.  Bernie's home phone is (515)230-1274. His email address is [email protected].  Mary Greeley Med Center is (515)239-2011 and is located on 1111 Duff Ave. in Ames, IA. We put him in your loving hands dear Lord!


11 September 21

Please send up prayers for Robyn the daughter-in-law of Gerry K4RBZ and for his granddaughters Sophia and Amber who have all tested positive for COVID. We place them in your hands Dear Lord, cradle them in your arms and look after us all. Amen!

11 September 21

Please send up prayers for the families of the 9/11 terrorist attack and for America and us all! Help us Dear Lord!


7 September 21

Please pray for Doris, the wife of W0LVE Lowell, as she has taken a fall and has a broken Pelvis. Into your precious hands Lord!


4 September 21

K1GUP Jerry is asking for prayer requests for him for some health issues and pray for Gail his wife also for her eye issues. Into you loving hands Dear Lord!


4 September 21

Prayer request from VA7RA Roland, Our friend Claire has reached out to us...Her husband Willie came home yesterday from the hospital, and he fell transferring from bed to wheel chair at 4AM. The Para Meds came & scraped him up, so pray for strength in his legs and patience for our sister Claire.


30 August 21

Chuck Winter N7AAG, is asking for prayers for him. Sent up prayers please and we place Chucks prayers in the Lords hands as he knows all needs for us all.


30 August 21

Don Birx K3RYV, went to be with the Lord on August 28. His wife Adelle requests prayers. Please Lord take care your child Adelle in this time of her great need. Into your hands we place all things Lord.


20 August 21

Harold's daughter Elizabeth has tested positive, so he asks for prayers. Please send up prayers for Elizabeth and family!


19 August 21

Please pray for Darlene, Wife of Larry N0LRB.  Larry asked us to pray for his wife as she has Multiple Myeloma and had a stem cell transplant last October. We place her in your hands Dear Lord.


17 August 21

Please send prayers up for Vicky, Wife of Frank AG0M, as she is on a new meds regiment and not doing so well today. She has been on this for some years but the new isn't working well it seems. We place her in your Loving hands Dear Lord!


14 August 21

From AG0M Frank NCS, prayer request for KC0PJD, Pat in Perry, Ia, next week having a heart procedure done to keep blood clots out


2 August 21

Please pray for Paul, Tom and Leta, missionaries to Scotland as they deal with some Covid with Leta not doing so well. Also pray for Don Birx, K3RYV, who came home from rehab on Saturday, but is still on feeding tube. We place them in the hands of our Lord.


23 June 2021

Please send up some prayers for the daughter of Geno AL7GQ  as she just underwent a double knee replacement and needs prayers for recovery and all. We place this in your hands dear Lord as you know the best of everything for us. 


2 June 21

Please send up prayers for our brother Denis WD4ACH and family as he undergoes some shots and work on his eyes. Lord look after him and family and guide the doctors hands and hearts for this time and always. Amen!


28 February 21

From Frank AG0M

Prayer requests from Midwest Net. W0BIZ, John in Davenport will be having a heart valve replaced on Wednesday in Iowa City, and KC0PJD, Pat in Perry will have a heart ablation on Wednesday also. The NCS for the Midwest Net, KK0DJ, had a prayer Request from Dave, who has been very ill lately and not able to check into the net. That's all the info I have, but the Lord will know who we are talking about. Another prayer request from Denis, WD4ACH, a Co-worker of Andra, Kay Antunes, is in the hospital and very sick with the covid virus. She has several under lying conditions, so is in urgent need of our prayers.

Please pray for these brothers and sisters and place them in the loving arms of our Lord and savior.


26 Feb 21


Roylene only has one Kidney and it is now down to 25%, she refuses Dialysis, and now the lack of red blood corpuscles are causing severe itching coupled with the peripheral neuropathy leaves her in dire straits.  Please pray for Roland and Roylene.



Lindsey in a family Dan knows, a 10 year old girl died from a gunshot. Please pray for her family during this tragedy they are experiencing.



15 Feb 21

Please Pray for Lucille, The mother of Mary, wife of K7PTL Mike as she is headed to the hospital. We place her in the Hands of our Lord. Hold her and her family in your loving arms dear Lord and keep us in your will.


12 Feb 21

Please pray for Carolyn, wife of Harold KI5KF suffering with bladder infection. We place her in your Loving hands Dear Lord.

12 Feb 21

Please send up prayers for Sarah, daughter of Paul KB2FMD and for his wife Cindy who are suffering from Cancer and pray for Paul also. Into your hands Dear Lord we place all in need


1 Feb 21

Please pray for Tom, a pilot friend of Mike K7PTL going to the Lehigh Valley hospital for heart problems today in PA. Into your hands Lord!


27 January 2021

Please continue the prayers for Carson to help in his confusion and oxygen levels! 


21 January 2021

From Denis WD4ACH

A relative of his and Andra, Carson, Has a set back in his long battle with Covid. Please pray for him and his family


15 January 2021

From N0CXY, Please send up some Prayers for my daughter and her husband Ben as he has just had rotator cuff surgery. Thanks for those prayers.


13 January 2021

From Roland VA7RA

This prayer request is for a dear Ham friend Dennis Southworth, who has retired and lives in Turkey on the Black sea with his wife Giselle.H suddenly developed an infection in his Liver and is hospitalized until the biopsy comes back. Thanks for your prayers


31 December 2020

Pray for Delmar K0UXC and his Wife, Beth, who just suffered a stroke Stroke


18 November 2020

The report on VE7BQM is that he is on oxygen and very weak! Joe had a brief chat  on the phone/face time and then we had prayer on the phone. Please send up prayers for Ed!


16 November 2020

K4RBZ - Gerry: Prayer request:  My brother, Paul, W4RY, had serious back surgery the day before mine, but is not doing well.  Is in ICU in the hospital. Send up prayers for Paul!


3 Nov 2020

From K4RBZ Gerry send up prayers:

Just learned that Shirley's older sister, Marlene, passed away.  Pray for her husband, Wendell


14 September 2020

Please pray for Stu K7ALM for the eye surgery he will be having this Friday at 7:40 and for guidance of the surgeons hands as he undergoes this!


4 September 2020

Please send up prayers for Duane AA2JI for a hospital visit coming up but have no specifics. Hold him in your hands Dear Lord.


9 July 2020

Joe reported this morning that he has a spot on his lung. They are doing a CT Scan on Monday @2:15PM. Lets pray it is only a spot and not cancer. James 5:16  From Denis WD4ACH. Place Joe in the Hands of our Lord and Savior.


23 May 2020
From Chuck Winters for Stan KD6WZA
Please pray for Virginia. I am very concerned about her. I seldom see her because she spends all day in bed sleeping or reading. When she is lying down she doesn't hurt as much and when she is asleep she doesn't hurt. She said that she is so tired of hurting. Hopefully in June she will get to see a back doctor who will hopefully, after doing injections that started shutting down her kidneys years ago, will operate and take care of her pinched nerve and bulging disc in her lower back.


14 May 2020

Please send up prayers for Greg the younger brother of Denis WD4ACH, who is in ICU and very ill with Covid 19 and hallucinations! Hold him in the palm of your hands dear Lord!


4 May 2020

From Noel K5NRF send up prayers for Sandy as she goes through adjustments on her pacemaker for stability and for the doctors hands to work the miracles of the Lord for her well being through God!


10 April 2020

Don KA7BTA requests prayer for his daughter ( Dena ) and the rest of the medical staff at their hospital as well as all medical folks treating patients during this Pandemic Covid 19. We place them in your hands Lord Jesus.  


13 March 202

Please send up prayers for Jim and family a friend of Rich, WB0AKV. Jim just lost his wife from a blood disorder after surviving cancer!


6 February 2020

More prayers for Denis WD4ACH please as the following is an Email about his Cath from Frank.

Had a stint completely blocked and he could not open it. Started me on Blood thinner Effient. Cardiologist said I have good collateral circulation though., but he does not think the heart rhythm is due to blockage but a mis-firing of the heart. Will need an ablation on my heart soon. 


1 February 2020

Next Tuesday our dear brother Denis WD4ACH Parker is going to have some heart tests run for his heart rhythm so many prayers are needed for him and Andra. The name slips my mind but it is where they enter the blood stream in the groin area or the arm or such and follow a vein to the heart to check out what to do. Please send up many prayers for them!


25 January 2020

At 2:55PM this afternoon, I told our family gathered around Brian's hospice bed: Another saint in Glory stands. The family had made the decision to not prolong his step from this life to his "mansion."  The nurse carefully removed the face mask and ventilator that had kept him alive.  Within a few minutes - caressed, loved and wept over - he stepped into Glory. The little lad who accepted Christ as Savior had now come full circle . Home with Jesus...and his Mom!  Thank you for praying. As Billy Graham was quoted as saying: "You may hear someday that Billy Graham is dead. Don't you believe it!! I will be more alive than I have ever been before.  73/99   Chuck

Send many prayers up for N7AAG Chuck Winter and family, Into Your loving Arms dear God!


24 January 2020

From Charles Winter N7AAG

My oldest son, Brian, is very close to seeing Jesus and his Mom in heaven. He had fought ALS for almost two years. As of today he has not eaten for four days, is heavily sedated and will be moved to a hospice facility this afternoon. Pray that our Lord will just sweetly lift him Home. Chuck / N7AAG. We pray for Brian, your family and for you Chuck, may God bless you all! Peace be with you brother! With words of sorrowful joy we place Brian in your hands Dear God our heavenly father.


23 January 2020

Denis still in need of prayers. Meds changed for his heart rhythm and he is home but not feeling well so keep him in our prayers. 


16 January 2020

Just heard From Gerry in Chat that Denis WD4ACH is having heart problems. Please send prayers for him and Andra as we place him in the Lords hands for healing. Roland VA7RA Gives Psalm 103:1-5 for Denis


13 January 2020

Bob W2CY0 was hospitalized on Dec. 26 for an extreme dizzy spell. While there, they found a swallowing problem that required Bobs being placed on a feeding tube. He is now in a rehab facility. HE NEEDS A GREAT DEAL OF PRAYER. My blessings to you and all the fellow ARMS members. Gratefully, Joan Kurtz. Please send prayers for Bob, Joan and family.

( VA3WIT Wally's comment )

And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it. 1 Corinthians 12:26  

Last update 24 January 2020 Thanks Lew NCXY