Paul Bunyan Amateur Radio Club


Serving Bemidji, MN, The First City on the Mississippi,

and the Residents of Beltrami County, MN

Repeaters We Operate


At present, we operate three hot-linked two-meter repeaters located at:

Bemidji, MN 146.73/146.13

Lengby, MN 147.27/147.87

Kelliher, MN 147.345/147.945


These repeaters are open to public use and do not require tones to access. The Lengby and Kelliher repeaters are "hot linked" to the Bemidji repeater to provide better coverage for amateurs in Northern Beltrami County and in counties to the west of Bemidji.


Because our three analog repeaters are ‘hot-linked’, users are cautioned to key up and wait for one or two seconds before speaking into your microphone.  If you begin speaking before the link system has had time to connect, your first word(s) will not be transmitted by the linked transmitters.