Conway Reef DXpedition 2009











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Conway Reef 2009 is now history. After 9 days of operation with daily blackouts from 10am to 3pm local time we put 33k QSO's into the log. A report and some pictures will added in the next few days. QSL cards will be printed soon. Perhaps it will be possible to mail out the first cards in December. If you send an IRC, please use only those with expiration date of 2013. Cards sent with an IRC that expires Dec 2009 will be answered via the bureau. Small IRC's type "C 22" are not accepted by the Post Office either.

As promised QSL's have already been mailed confirming Conway Reef QSO's with donors who made donations that were received on or before September 23, 2009.

Conway Reef

We are glad to inform you that a group of eight ham radio operators will be on from Conway Reef (IOTA OC-112). Based on the crew that activated Chesterfield Islands as TX9 in 2004 Hawa (DK9KX, ex 3D2CR) formed a new crew, which will operate during the period of Oct. 1st to Oct. 10th 2009.

The coordinates: 21o44'18" S, 174o38'24" E

Conway Reef, known since 1976 by its Fijian name Ceva-I-Ra, is a coral reef about 450km southwest of the Fiji Islands. It is a remote and lonely place with a size of 250m (800ft) in length and 150m (500ft) in width. The reef is a separate DXCC entity and ranking on place 19 of the Most Wanted DXCC entities in 2009.


Conway Reef